About Great Crates

Established in South Staffordshire in 2010, and as the name would suggest, Great Crates have been producing fabulous crates and rustic furniture for over a decade.

Loved and used by clients like Selfridges of London and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, these beautiful shabby-chic items offer a stunning alternative and affordable solution to any home.

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"Without Great Crates it would not have been anything like as glam!”

Our Ideal Home Show Christmas rooms would not have been anything like as glam without Great Crates! We built a huge 'Christmas Tree' using your sturdy yet chic wooden crates, this was much commented on by both visitors & show judges.


  • Expert Craftmanship

    All items are individually handmade with over a decade's experience in making crates.

  • Quality Materials

    Using only top notch thick dry kiln timber and high-grade fixing materials.

  • Built to last

    Sturdy crates that are all treated with a professional grade wood preserver.