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Welcome to Great Crates, where craftsmanship meets creativity! Explore our exclusive collection of handmade wooden crates, meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance to your home or special event. Our artisanal approach ensures that each wooden crate is a unique masterpiece, perfect for storage, decor, or gifting.

Discover the warmth and charm of authentic craftsmanship with our bespoke range of wooden crates. Whether you're organising, decorating, or looking for a distinctive gift, our handmade wooden crates offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

At Great Crates, we take pride in using premium, sustainable materials to create durable and environmentally friendly products. Our commitment to quality shines through in every detail, making our wooden crates not just containers but expressions of artistry.

Explore our Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes, and Crate Furniture collections to find the perfect complement to your space. Elevate your surroundings with the timeless beauty of handmade wooden crates from Great Crates - where every creation tells a story.

Transform your space with the warmth of wood. Shop Great Crates for handcrafted excellence in every crate.

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"Without Great Crates it would not have been anything like as glam!”

Our Ideal Home Show Christmas rooms would not have been anything like as glam without Great Crates! We built a huge 'Christmas Tree' using your sturdy yet chic wooden crates, this was much commented on by both visitors & show judges.


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    Expert Craftmanship

    Individually handmade wooden crates with over a decade's expertise in crate making.

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    Quality Materials

    High quality thick dry kiln timber and professional grade fixing materials.

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    Built to last

    Sturdy handmade crates that can be sat on. Treated for use both indoor or outdoor.